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Dakota Drifters Agenda
January 9th, 2012
Prairie Lanes
7:00 pm

Elected Officers:
President: Bo Ivers
  President Elect:      
Treasurer: Craig Fairbanks
Public Relations:   
Secretary: Jessie Kuechenmeister

Board of Directors:
McLane Mertz
Wade Tangen

Roger Thue
Darin Hai
Cody Dritz

Number in attendance: 30

         Quorum met  
     Quorum not met


Secretary report – Jessie reviewed the minutes from last month.  They are posted on our Dakota Drifters website.  M/S/A Rod/Jerry Motion passed.

Treasurer report – Craig reported that our balances are as follows: Checking--$4460.52 and Savings--$241.33.  We have approximately $900 in outstanding expenses: Christmas party gift receipt, fuel expenses and storage (3months at a time), homestead. M/S/A Carol/Danny to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed. 

Public Relations report-Jessie reported that we have another article in the Sno Plainsman.  Also, our Facebook page is a great tool to share pictures.  Look for more activity next month with our Poker Run. 

Presidents Report-Bo reported that membership is up this year.  We have had a lot of visibility (Hobo Day parade, Festival of Lights parade, etc).  New members, Bryan Luze and Misty Moser and their family were in attendance tonight and introduced themselves.  Bo shared that things are going well with the club and encouraged members to keep it up.  

Old Business:

Gift Card from Parade of Light-1st Place award for Best Use of Theme—We have a $50 gift card to use for whatever we choose to use.  M/S/A Craigs wife/Proehdal to give the gift card to Kali in appreciation for her work.  Thank you, Kali!

Reminder—ISOC Snowmobile Racing, Feb. 1-2-possible group event—Races will be in Deadwood (it is Superbowl weekend…but people go every year and make it back in time for kickoff). 

President Elect- You better be at the meeting or you are nominated!!!  Just kidding…..kind of….—Will come back to this…need an officer.

New Business:

Introduction of Tony Schmitt-Trails Program Specialist, GF&P—Pierre, SD—Trails are in poor condition in western South Dakota.  A consensus could not be made to have the Advisory Committee ride east river, it will be held on the weekend of the Governor’s Ride.  Another Snowcat may be purchased this year.  A healthy balance is in the snowmobile fund that needs to be spent down.  Bo offered to give our groomer to Miller and we would have a newer one from the Black Hills.  14 clubs and Tony attends club meetings, paperwork, emails and phone calls when groomer breaks or there are trail issues, trespassing, etc.  Oversees the entire snowmobile budget for SD (separate east/west budgets).  No bills in 2013 legislature that Tony is aware of.   License fee was changed last year, but our license fees are still up this year.  Grant & aid money comes from the snowmobile fund, the gas tax is based on the number of snowmobiles…14800 registered last year.  No general fund dollars are used…snowmobilers pay their own way.  Darren asked about out of state licenses…we can’t ask because our revenue is doing so well.  July 1st…1.1 million dollars in the fund. RTP grants.

Charity Ride—checkpoints confirmed, Poster distribution, Grooming schedule—Danny/Kali…breakfast from 8-11 and will donate it to SOB. Looking to add Prairie Lanes as one more stop.  Kali will call the stops.  Jessie will email Kali the list.  Suggested to put it in the Sno Plainsman calendar. And to email it to the other clubs.  Walt says we need snow—the trails are nice now and questioned taking the top layer off.  Ask all members to share the Charity Ride flyer.  M/S/A Danny/Rod to have a $100 drawing for those riders who hit all points.  Motion passed.  How many sleds does Bo have running?!?  Hahaha  Danny has a “travelling trophy” from before his son passes away.  Name goes on it and the next year it goes back to the youngest rider/participant.

Current Trail condition--- Any concerns?—Walt says there are a lot of signs/blazers turned.  Bo suggested if you see something that needs to be fixed, stop and fix it.  Make our trails safe.  Walt asked about grooming trail from 14 up to the old casey hall…do we want to groom it for the Poker Run? Walt says there are some rough spots. 

Club ride January 16th-discuss start time and destination.—What time and where do you want to go? Derrick Wika offered his place as start/stop…host guests and have food…new plan!  Thanks Derrick!

Poinsett Pounders Charity ride donation/purchase tickets?—Do we want to participate this year in supporting their tickets?  Snowmobilers for snowmobilers is what we are doing now.  February 2nd in Badger…support with our participation. 

Club Trip to MN, WY or points unknown?—Kevin said the club’s trip to Yellowstone is one of his best memories of the club.  Send ideas to Bo…let’s go!

Other—courtesy committee…take care of each other. 

Need a shed for the groomer…no problem with it being at Farmer’s Implement…just have to regulate during business hours.  Misunderstanding.  The groomer needs to be lubed every 25 hours or sooner.  In the past we haven’t paid for laborer hours, only parts. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:04…M/S/A Bob/Darren.  Motion passed. 

Next meeting: February 6th

                Potential Topics!!

                Club Trip

                Safety Course for kids and other interested parties—did one 3 years ago.