2023- 2024 Season

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Dakota Drifters
Meeting Minutes

I.     Call to order

Greg Spiering called the meeting to order at 7:00.

II.     Establishment of Quorum

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

Bob made a motion to approve the November meeting minutes. Walt second, motion carried.

IV.     Treasurer’s Report

  The treasurer’s Report was approved as read.

V.     Old Business

a)           Dues—pay them if you have not already

b)           Trails—all trails have been put in, inspected and all corrections have been made

c)           Upcoming meetings—there was discussion on where to hold the remainder of our monthly meeting.  Lisa motioned to have the meetings remain at The Lodge, Lynn second, motion carried.

d)           State Convention Report—Greg, Walt and Lisa gave a report on the state convention. Dakota Drifters logged more volunteer hours than any other club in the state.

e)           Groomer school—Patrick Pate was not at the meeting to give a report

VI.      New Business

a)           Charity Ride

1)     Discussion was held on the charity that we are going to sponsor for our charity ride.  Bob motioned that we select Sleep In Heavenly Peace, Ethan second the motion, motion carried.

2)     Discussion was held on where to hold the charity ride.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to hold it at Midway Camp near Volga.

3)     Discussion was held on what to do about food as Midwest Camp does not have catering service or sell food.  Liz made a motion to have food trucks at Midway Camp, Tammy second, motion passed.

b)           Veteran’s Ride

1)     The veteran’s ride is the weekend of January 18th, 2021.  SDSA is still looking for volunteers, donations of coats and cold weather gear for the ride.

2)     The snowmobiles have already been reserved for the ride and the SDSA is looking for donations to help cover the rental costs.  Discussion was held on donating money as we have done so in the past.  Darrin made a motion that we donate $250 to SDSA, Walt second, motion carried.

3)     Ethan reported that he, his family and friends will be going out to help with the ride.  If anyone else would like to go, you can contact either Ethan or Troy Ness.

VII.     Upcoming Events

a)           3rd Annual Veteran’s Retreat—January 18th

b)           Deadwood SnoCross—January 29-30

c)           Charity Ride—February 6th

d)           Governor’s Ride—February 13th

VIII.     Announcements

IX.     Adjournment

A motion was made and seconded to adjurn the meeting. Motion carried.  Our Christmas party followed the meeting. Ethan and Josh are the current Bean Bag Tournament champions!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Cain