2019 - 2020 Season

Home Up Sept 12, 2018 Dec 12, 2018 Jan 9, 2019 Feb 13, 2019 March 13, 2019 April 13, 2019

Attendance: 21

·         Treasurer Report:

o   35 paid members, 4 associate members

o   Current Balance: $8132. 85

o   Approval: Jerry (m)/Roger(s)

·         Old Business:

o   Trail

§  Signs in and approved

§  A couple corrections, but some of which are needing to be done by DOT

§  Walt noticed a few signs turned/twisted – make sure to stop and correct them when you are out on the trails

o   Storage Shed

§  Darrick and Scott will put divider in

§  All decorations will go from Kyle’s shop to Darrick’s upon completion

o   Snowplainsman

§  If you haven’t received yours yet – email Darrin

§  There is now an e-edition. If you would like it emailed instead of paper, email MaryAnn or Darrin.

§  Reminder: Anyone can advertise or submit articles

o   Parade of Lights

§  Discussed and at this time members think we should keep doing both the parade of lights and the Hobo Day parade as it is great exposure for the club

o   SDSU students – Lindsey/Darrick

§  What are some ways that we can push ads on the SDSU students to get awareness out about our club and/or starting a student one

o   Charity Ride

§  Jeremy, Roger, Dave – in charge

§  Baskets are being made

§  Will benefit Sleep in Heavenly Pece

§  Need to confirm

·         Start location – Bo talked with Weston at Lemkes – they are interested in hosting, are willing to do food and specials

·         Stops

o   Aurora, Bruce, Elkton, White, Bushnell, Volga, Brookings

·         Signs – previous ones made at the UPS store

o   Swap Meet at Darrick’s

§  Sept. 21st, 2019

·         Use it as a kickoff for the year

o   Groomer School

§  Jerry, Walt’s grandson, Eric, Brandon went to the training

§  State pays part (previously our club motioned to reimburse $100 to all those who attended upon completion, but this was done prior to knowing the state will pay part – waiting to hear how much before we move forward with reimbursements

o   Convention

§  Jerry, Nancy, Roger, Rod, Darrin, Dwayne, Gayle, Roger, Scotts attended

§  New Trail Maps

§  Yetis – 27 members, 3 voting voices

§  Feb. 16 Spearfish – Governor’s Ride

·         Rooms are $79.00 with group code

§  Snocross 26th – if you plan to attend preorder tickets

§  27th vintage ride

§  Next year’s 50th annual convention will be in Watertown and the Hills the year after that

§  SDSA is pursuing a lawsuit about fat tire bikes on trails – they are fighting it as it is a liability/safety issue

§  5 more rangers GFP will be added

§  GFP – 3 trail cameras added

§  Avalanche training – Rod attended

§  Safety Course – Gayle and Nancy attended

·         Interest of having one here?

·         Aaron in charge of a safety committee– Rod (m), Dave (s)

§  Highmarker – donation of $25

§  Dues – SDSA raised theirs by $5 for members and from $35-$50 for businesses therefore we will raise ours next year

·         Membership cost $40

·         Business  - we will leave ours the same at $50

·         Bob (m) Dwayne (s)

§  SF Snotracker (advertisements on map along trails)

·         Laminated maps on Trail

·         Scott will be in charge of figuring out where the best place to put trail maps up (Rod (m) Darrin (s))

·         Gayle is checking on cost of Century 21 boxes

o   Clothing

§  The store is open or if you have an item you’d like with the logo take it down to Brookings Custom Image

§  Aaron update link for clothing on website

·         New Business

o   Club rides – leave from Darrick’s on Wednesday and family rides on Sunday

o   Christmas Party

§  Tabled until January – pending snow

§  Possibly do a ride somewhere

o   Calendar

§  Jan. 19th – Pounders – family

·         120 race

·         Vintage show

§  25, 26, 27 – Snowcross/ Antique

§  26th – Northeast

§  Feb. 2nd – our charity ride

§  Feb. 17 – Governor’s Ride

o   Fire Station trailer bought for the Snowbulance

o   50/50 winners

§  Jacket – Darrick

§  Float bag – Kent from Toronto

Adjournment: Bob (m) Eric (s)