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Dakota Drifters
Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2020

I.     Call to order.

The meeting was called to order by Greg Spiering

II.     Establishment of Quorum

Quorum was established

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

Dwayne moved to approve the minutes from the January meeting, Walt second, motion carried

IV.     Treasurer’s Report

Darring presented the treasurer’s report. Bo moved to approve the report, Lisa second, .


V.     Old Business

a)           Charity Ride

1.            There was $790 in basket sales, $509 in poker hand sales, $254 donated back by Rob Loomis, $100 donation from Greg and Diane Hiles, $143 profit from meals sold, $220 donated from Corey Kindt from ski raffle

2.            Top hands were Rob Loomis-1st, Kyle Prodoehl-2nd, Nick Teal-3rd.

3.            After discussion, it was decided that all monies will be donated to SHP.

b)           Trails

1.            Bushnell trail

a.            The proposed change to the Bushnell trail is as follows: 477th Ave north to 207th St and then west to 478th Ave and then north to White

b.            We will need to talk to Julie about moving the trail

c.            Steve will do the work on the ditches to get them cleared of debris and branches.

c)           End of Year Banquet

1.             We will check with Midway Camp on availability of having banquet there.

d)           Dave Koch—injured in snowmobile race accident

1.            Roger made a motion to pass the hat to collect money for Dave, Bob second motion.  Lisa moved to amend the motion for the club to match up to $100 of all donations, Dean 2nd motion, motion carried.  $225 was raised by club, club matched $100.  $325 will be given to Dave. bb

VI.     Adjournment

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Walt second, motion carried.