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Dakota Drifters
Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2021

I.     Call to order

Facilitator Name.

II.     Establishment of quorum

There were 15 members present in person for the meeting with two people joining via

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

There were 15 members present in person for the meeting with two people joining via Zoom. Troy second the motion, motion carried.

IV.     Treasurer’s report

Darrin went over the treasurer’s report.  We currently have $1422.10 of “fun money” to use for our spring banquet.  Rod asked if $1000 was still being put into a CD at the end of the year. Darrin advised that it has not been put into a CD yet as it would leave a balance of $422.10 in the fun money fund. Lisa motioned to approve the report as written, Walt second the motion, motion carried.

V.     Old Business

a)           Trails—trails need to be taken out by April 18th.

1.            Bushnell trail—discussion was had regarding moving the Bushnell trail.  It was decided to try it for a year, and we can always move it back.  Darrin motioned to move the trail, Walt second, motion carried.  We will need to submit the proposal to the state with the Grand and Aid request in May.

b)           Charity Ride—the charity raised $2016 for SHP.  Lynn motioned to donate $2016 to SHP and present the check at our spring banquet. Roger DeBates second, motion carried.

c)           End of Year Banquet—discussion was held on where and when to have the banquet.  Due to the amount of space and facilities available, it was decided to have the banquet at Midway Camp with the Sportsmen’s Club as a backup. To accommodate as many people as possible, the date was set as April 24th. Social Hour will begin at 5:00 with dinner at 6:00-6:30. Aaron and Rod are going to cook the prime rib and the rest will be potluck.  Ethan Ness will be setting up a bean bag tournament as the one at the Christmas party was a big success.  Troy made a motion to have the banquet on April 24th at Midway Camp.  Dean second the motion, motion carried.

VI.     New Business

a)           Election of Officers—currently, each officer is willing to remain in their position for the upcoming 2021-2022 term.  We have two at-large board member positions that will be open.  Walt Spiering and Dean Nixon’s terms expire at the end of the 2020-2021 term. There will be floor nominations at the April meeting if anyone would like to nominate someone for an office, or an at-large board member position.

VII.     Upcoming Events

Spring Banquet—April 24th at 5:00

Sno Cross March 26-28 at W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls

June 3-5 Milbank Rendezvous

June 9-12 ISC Convention—Omaha, NE

July 31st—Jakob Hohm Off-Road Adventures 5th Annual Family Fun Day

VIII.     Announcements

IX.     Adjournment

Darrin moved to adjourn the meeting. Ethan second the motion, motion carried.


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