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Dakota Drifters Minutes--Unapproved
October 10th, 2012
Prairie Lanes
7:00 pm

Elected Officers:
President: Bo Ivers
  President Elect:      
Treasurer: Craig Fairbanks
Public Relations:   
Secretary: Jessie  Kuechenmeister

Board of Directors:
McLane Mertz
Wade Tangen
Roger Thue

Darin Hai
Cody Dritz

Number in attendance: 12

         Quorum met  
     Quorum not met


Bo called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.  Started the meeting by thanking Cody for his leadership for the past 2 years.

Secretary report – Jessie reviewed the minutes from the Board of Directors meeting.  M/S  Dan F./Dan L.  Motion passed.

Treasurer report –Bo reviewed the amounts.  White was paid for last year’s trail marking.  Craig has reserved the room for delegates.  

Public Relations report-Jessie/Roger/McLane    Jessie reported that an article was submitted for the October Snow Plainsman.  Aaron has synced our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Presidents Report-Bo reported that his goals are to make sure you know what is coming up in meetings and why/what is important.  He wants to give club members and the club enough time to plan.  Bo also talked about the need for the club beyond snowmobiling and sharing a bigger purpose.  Past examples of the club’s good works include donations to URC for fans and the Brookings Fire Department for Jaws of Life equipment.     

Old Business:

Delegates for State Meeting—The state convention will be held in Aberdeen November 9-10 and our club can have 2 delegates.  We would love to see guys/gals/couples go and represent our club at the SD Snowmobile convention.  Delegates need to be there by Friday night by 6pm.  Saturday 9am.  Room is paid for. 

New Business:

Hobo Day Parade-It was suggested that the Hobo Day parade may be easier and would draw more attention than the Parade of Lights.  Driving the groomer is easy now that we have a rubber track.  Craig received clarification for insurance purposes and every event costs the club $110 for insurance (beyond normal usage). Rod asked if the parade qualified for normal usage?  If you drive the groomer is it needed to be insured?  Yes.  If it is on the trailer is it needed to be insured? No.  Discussion continued on what is more effective--Parade of lights or Hobo Day?  McClane asked about exposure.  There are a lot of people from out of town, but that is good exposure as well.  Craig said too that Hobo Day parade may capture more college students and let them know that there is a club.  Aaron commented and said that it is shocking to see the number of college students with sleds in the back of their pickups. Danny suggested Dakota Drifters provide the groomer and a trailer and some club could write on it and decorate it.  Danny said he would do both of parades.

M/S Aaron/Craig to have the groomer/float in the hobo day parade.  M/S Danny/Rod to add a friendly amendment to include both parades. Motion passed to approve the motion as amended.

Craig will take care of insurance.  Aaron will take care of the entry.  Danny/Cody will take care of the getting the groomer ready.  Darin offered to assist with the snowmobile. Club members will get together on Wednesday the 24th at Farmers Implement at 7:30pm to decorate the groomer/skid. 

More magnets will be ordered to distribute. 

Raffle Tickets-Chance at $10,000!—Jerry has tickets available.  Big push is to get the $20 tickets sold.  $2 tickets are also a good fundraiser.  Tickets are due the night we put the float together.  24th @ 7:30  @ Farmer’s Implement

Jerry also reported that the Convention is coming up.  Additionally, lots of changes are going on in the hills due to the logging for the pine beetle.  Maps are being printed up and changes are very different than recent years.  There was an issue with Yellowstone access that a letter needed to be mailed by October 9th.  At the convention, multiple districts will need delegates elected…more of a turn over than normal.  Regarding money, there is discussion amongst the clubs about what to do with money.  Charitable events, fundraisers.  A club that is not in our district met and had a meal for a club meeting…secret is to have food for initial get together.  Craig said we learned that a few years ago with a meeting at Tappers.  Lots more to report on after the Convention. 

Convention-need attendee/delegate list—M/S Danny/Cody to pay for all expenses directly related to the convention.  Walt and his wife will be the delegates.  Motion passed.

Creating the need to be a part of the club—Why do you come?  Is it something you have always done?  How do you get people here?  What does it take?  Good things that the club has done is important to some.  What is important to others?  Darin asked if the club would be willing to give money to western states for trail access as many people that ride, ride in the mountains. Major manufacturers have backed out of the access in the mountains.  A concern would be sending Brookings, South Dakota money to other states.  Bo encouraged members to continue brainstorming on what is important to club members.

November Membership Drive Event—It was suggested that the November meeting be short, and then have a fun event.  Do something different.  Meeting would be held at Prairie Lanes and then the club will pay for bowling and will buy food (hamburgers and fries).    All members are encourage to attend and spread the word to potential new members. 

Assistance with PR/Social Media for the club—Aaron offered to help with twitter.  Bo/Cody/Jess will help with facebook.  Roger/Mcclane/Jessie will help with articles for the Snow Plainsman.  If there are things you will be willing to help with sometimes, but not be in charge of, let an officer know.  Example—if you go on a snowmobile trip, send some information and pictures and it could be featured in the Snow Plainsman. Bo suggested that by November, we will try to find areas where club members assistance can be used!

Trail Marking event!!—We can start marking November 1st.  Unfortunately for some it has become work, so we talked about how can we work together and have fun.  It was suggested that trail marking is a good thing to take new members to and include kids…when kids put in trail they learn how to ride the trail.  The club gets paid for what members do.  Let’s have fun. 

Aaron has a list of who has done what trail historically.  Rod asked if there was a way to help put trail in.  Aaron said he would help as well.   It was suggested to put a map together with trail and who is responsible.  Also, we need to start getting a better count of who uses the number of markers and who keeps theirs. 

Aaron suggested having some of the tools available for use that club members have created to help put in the trail. 

Walt asked about the Bruce corner and if there was a way to be in the south ditch and not the north ditch.  It is hard to make the corner in the groomer.  Danny suggested that he do what you can with the groomer and don’t worry about the rest!

Also, if the club wants to change the trail that we have it has to be submitted by August.  If there are changes we need to talked about it and submit it to the trail specialist. 

Other--Craig asked about club rides and going to Northern Minnesota (10 miles out of Detriot Lakes), or Wyoming, etc.  Craig would be happy to organize rooms/rides. 

McClane will talk to Grant Peterson about radio spots. 

Rod is on the Sports Show on Tuesdays on the radio and offered to put a plug in about the club and membership drive. 

Craig suggested that we send something to the Pederson family (Brian’s wife has cancer).  It was unanimous that Craig should send something from the club. On a related note, it was recommended that the club do similar gestures for club members as needed. 

Jerry wants to know if the club is interested in buying any $20 raffle tickets.  The Consensus was to sell them to others.  M/S McLane/Cody to buy up to $100 worth of the $20 tickets if we have some left.  Motion passed. 

M/S Dan/Aaron to adjorn at 8:36pm.  Motion passed. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jessie Kuechenmeister, Secretary.