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Dakota Drifters Agenda
BOD Meeting
October 3rd, 2012
Meeting Minutes


Elected Officers:
President: Bo Ivers
  President Elect:      
Treasurer: Craig Fairbanks
Public Relations:   
Secretary: Jessie  Kuechenmeister

Board of Directors:
McLane Mertz
Wade Tangen

Roger Thue
Sean Hurd 
Kyle Prodoehl
Darin Hai
Cody Dritz

Jerry Anderson was also present.

Number in attendance: 6

         Quorum met  
     Quorum not met


Secretary report – Bo passed around the minutes from the March 31st, 2012 meeting.  M/S Jessie/Roger to amend the minutes to take out the sentence that stated Craig would like to resign his spot as treasurer on the board. Motion passed. M/S Roger/McLane to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion passed.

Treasurer report – Craig reported the checking account has $9388.68 and our savings has $241.21.  M/S Roger/McLane to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.  

Public Relations report- Jessie reported that she would submit an article for the next issue of the Snow Plainsman and include information about the upcoming year for the club. 

Presidents Report-Bo reported that he is looking forward to the upcoming year and has some ideas that will be discussed under new business.      

Old Business:

Info on membership incentive programs – Membership incentives were discussed regarding Ski Doo and Powerbrokers, as it sounds like they have the same offer as past years.  Discussion took place regarding local incentives for new members/returning members.  The consensus was that the club wants to increase new memberships and maintain current members.  Membership drives were talked about (supper, carb cleaning, Cubby’s Night, bowling night).  No decisions were made at this time. 



New Business:

Elect officers-The following positions were open President Elect, Secretary, Public Relations.  Craig indicated he would stay on as Treasurer for an additional year.  Jessie stated that she is willing to serve in an officer role.  M/S Roger/McLane to elect Jessie as secretary.  Motion passed.  President elect and Public Relation officer positions are still open.  McLane offered to assist with the PR Officer role and Roger offered to assist with some of the articles for the Snow Plainsman. 


Do we need committees?  What would they be/do?-The board members talked about having people assist with tasks.  An example was presented with the PR officer that he/she would not have to do everything, but could have additional people assist with items such as radio spots, writing articles, etc.  The same is true for treasurer.  The intent is to involve more people so people are more involved (if that’s what they want).  


Raffle Tickets-The club has raffle tickets ($20 or $2).  There will be 1000 $20 tickets sold statewide.  The winner will receive $10,000, $5,000 to SDSA, $2,000 to Club who sells the ticket, $1,000 to person who sells winning ticket, $1,000 to club hosting Convention and $1,000 to SDSA scholarship.  The drawing will be held at the Convention in November.  Also, $2.00 tickets are available with multiple prizes including $1,000 cash, a trailer, gift certificates and jackets.  


Report from Jerry on what is happening in the State-Jerry updated on raffle tickets, as he has some available as well.  Also, trail can be put in starting November 1st.  Jerry has a letter regarding access to Yellowstone that members can submit to the congressional delegation, but it needs to be postmarked by October 9th


Convention-need attendee/delegate list-Dakota Drifters can send 2 delegates.  Craig is going to reserve 1 hotel room for Friday/Saturday nights so we don’t miss out on the room block.  We will need to select delegates at the October meeting. 


Decide on Meeting Dates and location-Club meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm and club rides will be held on the 3rd meeting of each month (different from past years).  Location was discussed and Bo/Jessie agreed to check with Ram Pub and Prairie Lanes as possible options.  The board would like to create an environment that is family friendly and fun for all ages. 


Creating the need to be a part of the club-The purpose of the club was discussed as well as the creating the need for people to want to be part of the club.  How do we get fellow snowmobile riders engaged and signed up as members?


Set calendar for the year-Meetings will be October 10th, November 14th, December 12th, January 9th, February 13th, and March 13th.  Bo talked about establishing a 3 month calendar/agenda so members are aware of topics to be discussed prior to the club meetings.  Upcoming topics include Convention, kickoff event, parades (Hobo Day/Fesitval of Lights), trail marking, Christmas Party and more. 

M/S Jessie/Roger to adjourn.  Motion passed

Next meeting: October 10th, 2012—7pm @ Prairie Lanes

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jessie Kuechenmeister, Secretary.